Dam Project

March 2020

Our engineer JT is running about 2 weeks behind due to Covid-19. He said he will be sending us all preliminary documents and reports for us to look over prior to sending to Dam Safety. Then if there is anything that needs tweaking or changing, we can do that prior to submitting. Once we hear back from Dam Safety with acceptance or changes, then we will get the finalized reports and documents with his seal and signature. We told him to start getting bids the day he forwards the preliminary reports and documents to us.

February 2020

Before our February meeting, our engineer presented a preliminary plan to the board. He will have the finished plan with two options to submit to Dam Safety within the next 60-90 days. The reason he will be submitting 2 options for approval is to give us latitude to pick the less expensive option. We are hoping for a 60 to 90 day turnaround for approval of the plans from Dam Safety. During this time frame we will send out the finished approved plans for bid to contractors. Our engineer said that September, October and November are the best weather months for construction. Construction will take three to four months however he did say if pressed a contractor could conceivably get it done in 45 days.

January 2020

According to our engineer JT, he expects to have conceptual drawings of the dam design by the end of January. He feels at that time we could also have an updated cost estimate provided by a contractor. By the end of February or beginning of March JT expects to have the completed drawings ready for approval by the Board. After we look over the plans and approve them, they will be submitted to the Dam Safety Board. JT is expecting a 90 – 120 day turnaround for approval. During this time JT will be posting our work for bids with various contractors. If all goes well, we are looking at possible construction by fall of this year. JT feels that fall will be the best time for construction for a project of our size.